GSA Club: Gathering Together – Telling Authentic LGBTQ+ Stories

(From Live Out Loud) 

Goal: Members will establish community amongst their club and further develop their individual levels of LGBTQ+ cultural awareness.

Objective: The objective of this session is for club members to either compare and contrast LGBTQ+ representation via different holiday films or test their LGBTQ+ knowledge via a queerified version of the gameshow Family Feud.

GSA Club: Your Voice! Your Power! Different Ways to Amplify Your Voice

(From Live Out Loud) 

Goal:   Members will analyze how their voices can be harnessed to cultivate community change by observing how LGBTQ+ cultural influencers utilize their platforms for social good.

Objective: Members will create actual or theoretical content for a GSA social media account. If social media is not an option for the GSA, then members will create posters and/or bulletin boards to amplify their group’s ethos and voice.

GSA Club: Our Hearts Beat for Heartstopper!

(From Live Out Loud) 

Goal: Members will enrich their LGBTQ+ cultural awareness and cultivate club community via a group discussion of Heartstopper, a beloved LGBTQ+ young adult graphic novel.

Objective: Members will analyze the LGBTQ+ storytelling and representation present in Heartstopper by reading excerpts from the graphic novel and/or watching clips from the Netflix series adaptation. 


GSA Club: New Year, Same Great GSA – Establish Club Goals

(From Live Out Loud) 

Goal: Students will generate achievable goals to guide their GSA Club actions and activities during an upcoming school year.

ObjectiveStudents will work together to create a vision board that highlights the club’s yearly goal/s. This artifact can then be displayed in the club’s meeting space to help promote continued efforts to achieve those goal/s.

GSA Club: Love Is Love… Food!

(From Live Out Loud) 

Goal: Club members will enrich their LGBTQ+ cultural awareness as well as cultivate community by learning about how food connects all of us.

Objective: Club members will be given the choice to either analyze LGBTQ+ Chef’s contributions to the LGBTQ+ community or create recipes of their own to dismantle homophobia and transphobia.